olympic fts. (conditional design)


communications spring junior semester

Inspired by Studio Moniker’s “Your Line or Mine” project, “Olympic Fts.” is a sport themed crowd sourced animation that means to highlight the high intensity, heavy movements and the heavy rigor of sports. Paying homage to the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics as well as sports that are usually not as prevalent in mainstream media.

Within each different set of sports, rules such as pre-assigned colors (that align with the rings of the olympics), pre-disposed stickers, and more scene specific things, are meant to serve as a springboard for the participants to add their own creative flair to a frame.


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The compilation piece of all the collected drawings (around 200+ drawings)


When we first started looking at what exactly conditional design was, we were confused by what exactly that meant and how we were going to somehow make a project from that. So when we started getting asked how this was design opposed to an art project, we began to pitch it as the fact that we designed everything besides the final end product. All the rules, material choices, footage, etc. are all designed and chosen by us, but the final visual product is based on what participants put out.

In terms of rules, we had a bit of deliberation between how restrictive or free we wanted to be with them. We started out with an early test run with nothing, but one rule, trace the snowboarder and then do whatever you want. We had a black pen and blue pen with us and some people used their own pen. When we regrouped, we decided we wanted to make a couple changes and add some rules so we could control our end product a bit more. Knowing we wanted to do the Olympics, our color scheme were based on the colors of the rings and each additive element was based on the “aesthetic” of the sport. We used a light watermark of the rings both as a decorative piece, but also as a silent nudge to see if people would interact, outline, decorate or color them in without any rule specifically asking them to.

  • people really were stressed out that the color brown wasn’t available
  • people love to ask questions or need confirmation even after reading the instructions
  • people that were more comfortable in their artistic ability had a tendency to use the markers available, while people who were less comfortable, usually went for the colored pencils
  • for a lot of people in majors that weren’t creative, they were really glad to be doing something that felt relaxing and the opposite of what they’re used to doing

and of course despite all our backend work, NONE NONE NONE of this would be possible without our wonderful friends who participated without question, glued feathers on a Tuesday night at 5pm even though they had an exam the next day, and most importantly, had fun and were genuinely interested in our project.

and here’s a photo of me and sherry :–) from our final show!