marina abramovic


During my junior year, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy for my 2018 fall semester. Despite being in a city of famous renaissance art, one of the most talked about exhibits was performance artist, Marina Abramovic’s, “The Cleaner”.

The exhibit featured over 100 of her works ranging from photos, videos, installations and live recreations of her performance work. After seeing the promotional work and seeing see the exhibit for myself, I designed a promotional brochure.

I wanted my brochure to be mainly black and white with accents of color through the red that was featured also on the actual promotional branding. I wanted to capture her boldness, her mystery, the amount of movement and confusion many viewers felt after seeing her work. In addition, bringing in a bit of a minimalistic factor was important because I wanted to highlight the idea a lot of her performance work featured herself and was very interpersonal and reflective that even though there were so many people watching, she was still alone during this performance.


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