cootie catcher


The project, “10 boys you meet in college”,¬† was centered around creating a narrative that had some sort of folding mechanism to it. I wanted to create something that was just kind of cheeky and fun. Once I thought of the “topic” I wanted to do, I did a lot of brainstorming on how I would communicate this idea.

Ideas ranging from flip books to dress up paper dolls, I settled on a cootie catcher because it felt reminiscent of childhood, thinking boys were yucky and seemed to emphasize the playfulness of the whole project. (could also be addressed as a cutie catcher depending how ya view it hahahaha)

It comes in a college acceptance envelope (Carnegie Mellon in this case) with the cootie catcher and the “boys key” inside of it. When you open the envelope, the cootie catcher is already folded, you just need to pop it up and the games begin!

Although these images are based on people I know (if you’re one of them and you’re reading this, you know you’re a homie), a lot of the scenarios and descriptions are not exclusive to these people, but rather taken from various personal experiences and various experiences my friends have been through. They are exaggerated caricatures and by no means are meant to be personal attacks, just a college girl meeting teenage college boys and providing some commentary hahaha, enjoy!


I am really proud of the outcome of this project since not only was it the first time that I did any type of digital drawing, but it was also by far one of the most fun projects that I’ve worked on. I loved doing the write up of all these boys and getting to make these personas. It was incredibly satisfying to see it all come together, especially when the entire cootie catcher was folded and ready to use. During the crit, my classmates seemed to all really want to interact with it and had a lot of fun trying to figure out which boy they would end up with. Seeing them laugh, being really into it and wanting to read all the descriptions made the project really special to me because I think it was the first time that I felt really¬†personally connected to a project and felt like it covered my voice and my perspective in the truest sense.

You can read the descriptions of each boy more carefully below! Cheers!