connecting history: alumni zine


This project was mainly focused on taking a large chunk of information and organizing/designing the content to tell a story. It also emphasized grid systems and being able to create a cohesiveness between the three-spreads.

Aurora Parlagreco, an alumni of the communication design program at Carnegie Mellon School of Design, now currently works in the creative department at Harper Collins Publishing House. Using information from initial questions, I was tasked to write a narrative about Aurora and design a zine that I felt exemplified her best.

Find the process for this project here!


The zine project was a helpful experience in learning more about typographical hierarchy, ┬ádistilling information and understanding how to create a cohesive piece. However, the main thing learned from this project was the importance of capturing someone else’s style and aesthetic while still keeping true to our own. It was difficult in trying to find a fine line between masking too much of their style and too much of your own so it was a constant need for a compromise.

web piece


The second part of the piece is a web component where we used our skills in HTML/CSS to create an interactive webpage about our alumni. The webpage has the same narrative and style that the zine has. This mainly was supposed to be an exploration of HTML/CSS and being able to create something on the web that would be a direct aspect of the print piece.