about me

Hi! My name is Serina (like the tennis player but with an i). I am currently attending school @ Carnegie Mellon School of Design in Pittsburgh (yay class of 2020) with a focus in communication design + an interest in anything tangible and story-telling. Currently on track to pursue a business administration minor (with an interest in marketing and branding).

what I do

random things


i was born & raised up in NYC (really ride or die), more specifically, in Queens, shouts to my Queens natives!

design philosophy

Bottom line, I firmly believe in designing things that you yourself are passionate about! That’s where the real change comes from… because if who gives a HOOT if you don’t give a HOOT… ya fimme?

free time (??)

firm believer of work hard play hard…

I’m usually (in no specific order):

  1. dragging my really patient and great friends (who are also great designers, wink wink) to do things that they probably really do not wanna do

  2. arguing about something… anything really

  3. watching re-runs of it’s always sunny in philadelphia (i luv u charlie day)

  4. writing random things in my notes app that i won’t understand in 3 days

  5. listening to rap music and wishing i had the same type of swagger as A$AP Rocky

contact me

if you wanna talk more and become besties, feel free to reach out! i am always open to projects + collaborations as well. also currently looking for summer internship opportunities!